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Machining of metals



The Metal-Plast company was created in 2000.
The founder is Zdzisław Oelrich.
The company is constantly growing and extends the store's offer.

The company also recruits for the position Frezer, Turner, Locksmith, Machine tool operator. Please send CV to the address e-mail:



"There is no job that does not contain joy,
secrets and encouragement "
- Wladimir Lindeberg




Engine department

Machining department

Electrode for sinking machine.

Element made on wire EDM.
Works carried out on a lathe.

Works performed on a lathe and a wire EDM machine.

Works performed on the milling machine.
Details and components.
Toothed wheels and toothed belts.


Mechanical and thermochemical treatment of plates.
Cutting dies, punches, forms.
Profiling lines.
The work of a multi-measure punch.

We offer technical consulting, design of technological processes, blanking dies, dies and injection molds.

We also offer performance in accordance with the project entrusted

Automation of production processes.
Details and components.
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Contact us

Metal-Plast Oelrich

ul. Wybudowanie 75 b

83-208 Zelgoszcz

NIP 592-122-73-56


tel. 604 269 409

tel. biuro  535 656 111

tel. Marcin Specjalista ds. obróbki skrawaniem 535 203 110

tel. Kamil Specjalista ds. silników 535 119 113


e-mail :

Godziny pracy od 8:00 do 16:00